Are friends electric?

Go Go Gazelle
Go Go Gazelle

On the weekend, KJ took delivery of her new Gazelle eBike, a beautifully designed Dutch bike with electric pedal assist.  After charging it up overnight, we took it out for a spin on Sunday.  And I’m happy to report she’s even more thrilled with it than expected.  We’ve often put our bikes in the car and then driven off to some departure point, but now it’s time to get serious and really start replacing car trips with bike trips.  So this ride was bikes only.  KJ on the Gazelle and me on my Specialized road bike.

Heading out on the Kedron Brook bikeway, we decided to give the Gazelle a decent test and take it up the Gateway Bridge.  Yes, we’d done a bridge ride recently but that’s OK.  And the new bike performed brilliantly.  Of course, there’s still effort involved in scaling a climb as big as the Gateway.  The Gazelle is not an electric motorbike, it’s a bicycle, and the motor doesn’t kick in if you’re not pedalling.  There’s already plenty of reviews and tech information about Gazelles on the web, so I won’t go into detail about that here.  But I can say it totally changes the dynamic of cycling, making it an even more viable form of transport than it already is.  It’s not for racing, or mountain biking – it’s a vehicle for transport.

There was an interesting contrast between the Gazelle with another powered bike we saw going over the bridge.  There was a guy on a bike which had a small two-stroke petrol motor fitted to it.  What a noisy, and foul smelling thing it was!  For me, part of the attraction of cycling is its quietness and the fact I’m not burning up fossil fuels.  A petrol powered bike defeats the whole purpose if you ask me.  And I have to say it again – it stinks!  Whereas the Gazelle’s motor is virtually silent.  Now I have to start the serious saving to get one for me.


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