It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing…

Men without (or with) hats
Men without (or with) hats

Last Saturday night I joined my utterly awesome musical buddies for another Swing Rendezvous dance gig at the Wavell Heights Bowls Club.  We enjoyed the company of a small, but enthusiastic audience of amazing swing dancers.  I don’t have a photo from this particular gig, so to give you an idea of what we look like, I’ve posted one from earlier this year.

One of the pieces we played was ‘Golden Wedding’, which has a phenomenal drum solo by Mark (super-drummer).  And it was during said solo that I decided I wasn’t getting enough attention, and thought I’d show off how clever I am with an impromptu display of hat-twirling on the end of my index finger.  You know how some things seem like a good idea at the time?  My hat (naturally) went sailing off onto the dance floor, so I give a thank you to the kind audience member who retrieved it and placed it back on my head with great finesse while I was still playing!

If you like to dance to live jazz, or just want to listen, contact Peter, the boss dude of the band, at to find out when the next gig is on.


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