Up ‘The Hill’ at Noosa

After having my worn-away-to-nothing brake pads fixed by the good chaps at Aspley Bike Hub, I was ready to shake off my winter laziness and get out into the sunny but bracingly cool weekend.  This time it was a drive+cycle trip, heading up to Sunshine Beach by car, and then attempting to find, and cycle up, Gyndier Road.  Many years ago, this windy narrow stretch of road just outside of Noosa was the main road into the Sunshine Coast region, when coming from the North.  Now it’s closed to vehicles and is just for the use of cyclists and hikers, apart from the occasional car rally.  According to my copy of “Where To Ride, South East Queensland”, locals just call it “The Hill”.  And that’s just what the sign said…

The foot of 'The Hill'.  Sponsored apparently, by Garmin.
The foot of ‘The Hill’. Sponsored apparently, by Garmin.

Starting at Sunshine Beach, it’s about 14km to the start of Gyndier Road.  Most of which was, to my pleasant surprise, along a wide well-maintained cycle path.  Apart from the last 2km or so which is on road, on a fairly narrow shoulder.

The Hill itself is only a 3km stretch of road.  Not too steep, just a perfect steady climb.  And man, it was so enjoyable getting away from the sound of traffic, and cycling on a road without cars while admiring the views.

Halfway up.  Very similar to halfway down.
Halfway up. Very similar to halfway down.
Looking out to Noosa Heads in the distance.
Looking out to Noosa Heads in the distance.

Coming back down was exhilarating.  I didn’t reach crazy fast speeds – those new brakes work very well – but I was sorely tempted to ride back to the top just so I could scoot down again.  But it was lunch time and I had worked up a serious appetite.  Cool weather, sea air and cycling will do that.  It was time to head back to Sunshine Beach for a burger.


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