Lakeside, Lakeside

Winters in Brisbane are fairly mild, although if the temperature does drop into single digits we react as if it’s the next ice age. But last weekend it was almost like a balmy Spring day, even though we still have a few weeks of Winter left. KJ and I took our first combination train + bike trip, to enjoy a picnic at Lake Samsonvale. This lake was created by the damming of the North Pine River. It may be an artificial lake but it’s still a particularly lovely spot.

We took the train to Lawnton Station, and then rode west along Todds Rd, joining a cycle path at Youngs Crossing Rd which goes through Chandler Reserve and onto Forgan Rd and the lake itself. Todds Rd is an enjoyable, relaxed ride (on a Saturday at least) which is through a residential area to begin with but soon transforms into a semi-rural area, as you cycle alongside paddocks and parkland. There’s a decent cycle path for much of the way, but the road is wide with plenty of room for bikes and the occasional car passing alongside at a comfortable distance.

Picnic time at Lake Samsonvale.
Picnic time at Lake Samsonvale.

One pannier each was ample to carry lunch, drinks, camera, sunscreen etc, and we did our best to convert them to backpacks when we took a bushwalk around the lake. For ‘convert’ read ‘awkwardly thread arms through the straps and do one’s best not to look like a doofus’. This lead to a lightbulb moment where we thought we would invent panniers that could convert (properly) to backpacks, only to find there’s already heaps of such things on the market.

Another view of the lake.
Another view of the lake.

It was a superb outing, with KJ doing her first substantial road-riding stint, and enjoying the comfy ride on the Gazelle. Our next trip to the lake will be an early morning start, getting there in time to cook a hot breakfast lakeside.


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