Electric Avenue

I haven’t posted anything here for a while, and I lay the blame solely on the fact that I have a new bike, and have been having way too much fun on it to sit still and compose a blog entry.  Until now.  And it’s not just any old bike, it’s an electric bike, a Freego Hawk.  It’s pedal assist (no throttle), with a 250w motor, which is the new Australian standard, putting us in line with many other countries.

Freego Hawk electric bike
Freego Hawk electric bike

There are more and more electric bikes coming onto the market all the time, and I get the feeling they will become something of a game-changer when it comes to urban transport – especially when the next inevitable petrol price spike occurs.  The biggest change for me though, is that I can finally commute to work by bicycle.  Public transport here in Brisbane is ludicrously expensive – it costs me about $50 per week just to get to work and back, and I don’t even live in the outermost part of our urban sprawl.  I live about 14km from the CBD (where I work).  Other people spend much more than I do on public transport.   So I figure the bike will pay for itself within a year, just with the savings on work transport costs alone.

And I also save a little time on my commute.  The Freego zooms along brilliantly – although pedal power is still required, especially on the killer hills.  But even with a couple of hill slogs on the way, I still make it to work slightly faster than I do when taking the train, when you factor in the time it takes me to schlep my way from the station to my office.  Door to door, it’s about 10 minutes faster with the bike.

I still have my road bike, and won’t be getting rid of that.  But having another transport option available is just great.  If you’ve never tried an electric bike – give one a go.  They’re amazing.


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