Jazz at QUT Theatre with Renoir’s Cat


A little late with this post, but here we are at last.  Late in 2013 I joined my tremendously talented musical buddies in Renoir’s Cat for our annual gig at the QUT Theatre season opening party.


This was our 4th – or was it 5th? – time at this event, and it’s always a pleasure to play some jazz for the theatre cognoscenti at this great venue.


This particular gig doesn’t include any vocals.  We’ve been joined in the past by superb vocalists like Natalie de Jager and Laura Meldon, but this time around we dipped into our collection of ‘bop and beyond’ instrumentals.  This includes pieces by Sonny Rollins (Doxy, St Thomas), Miles Davis (So What, All Blues), Thelonious Monk (Well You Needn’t, Bolivar Ba-Lues Are), Steely Dan (Babylon Sisters, Deacon Blues), Pat Metheny (James), Chick Corea (Spain).  All very fun stuff to play.


The photography you see here is a small sample of the pics taken that evening by the brilliant Tafline Hoey.  Thanks Tafline, love your work.

If you’d like to contact us Cats about gigs in the greater Brisbane area – or even beyond, please drop us a line at renoirscat@hotmail.com.  We’d love to hear from you.



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