Elanda Point, cycling and kangaroo watching.

Who's watching who?
Who’s watching who?

A little way north of Noosa is Lake Cootharaba. This is a popular spot for camping, sailing and canoeing. Elanda Point is a camp ground by the lake, and this was the starting point for our recent cycling exploration.

Great cycling tracks
Great cycling tracks

KJ and I set out from Elanda mid morning, riding through the grassy surrounds of Elanda Point, on to the bridge over Kin Kin Creek.

Kin Kin Creek.  Could there be sharks in there?
Kin Kin Creek. Could there be sharks in there?

It’s said that bull sharks can be found in Kin Kin Creek. If that’s true, there would be no way to see them lurking in the muddy water, and the story alone is enough to prevent me from swimming there. The creek is also full of submerged logs so probably not a great swimming location anyway. But it’s a lovely place to see all the same.

Another view of Kin Kin Creek
Another view of Kin Kin Creek

After crossing the creek, we took a walk along the Boronia Track. This is a 5km return bushwalk that takes you to Harry’s Hut Rd. The scenery changes from dense rainforest to more open coastal scrubland. A superb bushwalk.

Kangaroos grazing at Elanda Point
Kangaroos grazing at Elanda Point

On our return to Elanda Point, the local kangaroos were coming out to graze. We saw these impressive fellows in the shade near the car park at about 3pm, as the heat of the day was ebbing.

Sailboarders on Lake Cootharaba
Sailboarders on Lake Cootharaba

By late afternoon, a stiff breeze had picked up. Which must have been good news for several sailboarders out on the lake. These guys were absolutely flying across the water!

KJ lakeside
KJ lakeside

This was a great day’s cycling and bushwalking, through a very beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast hinterland with lots to see. We’re lucky indeed to have such wonderful places, virtually on our doorstep.



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