Tinchi Tamba Kangaroos

Last Sunday I cycled from home to the nearby Tinchi Tamba wetlands reserve, which is on the north eastern edge of the Brisbane area.  I had read that there were kangaroos here, and thought my best chance of seeing them would be early in the morning.  I reached the reserve at about 7.30 am, and saw dozens of them grazing contentedly.


While they kept their distance, they didn’t seem too disturbed by my presence.  They probably see bushwalkers here all the time and must be accustomed to people nearby.


I’m glad I went as early as I did, because by about 9am they had all managed to conceal themselves completely.  It’s quite amazing how so many large animals can make themselves virtually invisible when they want to.


It’s an absolute delight to have such beautiful wildlife living nearby to a major urban area.


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