Finally, a fatbike!

fat bike 1I did it. I bought my self a fatbike. An Avanti Tracker to be precise. And it’s hard to describe without hyperbole, just how amazing it is to ride. These photos were taken in the Beerburrum state forest, where I recently put the bike through its paces. The bike’s traction, stability and go-anywhereness (not a word but it should be) are incredible. Whether the trail was sandy, muddy or covered with loose gravel, the bike just kept happily rolling along. I could ride along tracks where, on my hybrid bike, I would bog down and have to walk it. This was just a short ride to see what the bike was capable of. But watch this space – there’ll be many fatbiking trips ahead, for sure.

fat bike 2


5 thoughts on “Finally, a fatbike!

  1. So funny. That’s where I tested my fatty out too. You do mean Beerburrum as in Glasshouse Mountains don’t you? I ride most days on the beach at Redcliffe Peninsula when I am home. Not sure where you’re based but we’ll have to tee up a fatty ride

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