Urban Wildlife, Brisbane, part two

Golden Orb Weaver Spider
Golden Orb Weaver Spider

The last post included some of the wildlife that’s found right in our backyards, or at least very close by.  Today’s pictures are from the Boondall Wetlands.  Not quite in my own backyard, but just a short bicycle ride away.  Above is the Golden Orb Weaver Spider, and her lunch.  And I say “her” deliberately because the males are tiny in comparison, only a few millimetres across.  I’m fairly sure the eight or so dots on her head are her eyes.  I’m actually quite pleased this photo wasn’t taken in my backyard.

Orange Clawed Fiddler Crab
Orange Clawed Fiddler Crab

The tide was low, and the fiddler crabs were on the move.  Without exception, they all appeared to be right-handed.  Or at least that’s the side that the over-sized claw was on.  Maybe lefties are in the minority with crabs, just like humans.

Black Winged Stilt
Black Winged Stilt
White Faced Heron
White Faced Heron

And lastly a couple of the water birds that are common around this area – a stilt and a heron.  My Slater’s Field Guide to Australian Birds tells me the white-faced heron is probably the most common heron across Australia.

There are always interesting things to see in these wetlands.  But it was disappointing to also see so much litter in the area.  Especially plastics bottles.  Take care people, and don’t ditch your rubbish carelessly.  These places deserve to be looked after.


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