Solo acoustic guitar, bossa nova

Hi everyone.  A long time between posts I know, but here is something I have been working on recently.  This is a lovely bossa nova piece by A.C. Jobim, called ‘Corcovado’.  It’s also known as ‘Quiet Night of Quiet Stars’.  I hope you enjoy it.


Solo jazz guitar

Hi everyone.  I have begun the process of recording some short videos of some of my favourite jazz standards, which I have arranged for solo guitar.  Only two so far (although one arrangement combines two songs, so I guess that might count as three).  I hope you enjoy them.  More to follow soon.  Cheerio, Michael.

Jazz in black and white

From time to time, I am lucky enough to play a gig with Brisbane vocalist Trina Lincoln and her band Held To Ransom. These pics are from a 2015 gig we did, and I’ve been meaning to share them on the blog for some time now.  I think the black and white pics capture the feel of the gig best.  I’ve left them untitled as they pretty much speak for themselves.  I hope you like them.